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audrey horne is my role model.

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must finish an eight page paper + presentation on man ray. fully stocked with snacks and chinese food in the fridge. double shot energy drink for the due course 4am insanity. mind is preoccupied with things I probably shouldn’t even worry about. trying not to be too nervous ( it comes and goes ). been very happy over the past few days ??? what a strange feeling.

one more night of finals. must power through.

Anonymous asked: 14/31/46/54

14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?
last night! I went out for drinks with friends from school ~~~

31. 3 random facts
- I have a weird accent that comes out sometimes ( kind of southern ? )
- apparently when I get really drunk I lose all sense of directly and when you live in brooklyn this is not good
- … I genuinely like gatorade

46. what my last text message says
'not sure yet, but I'll let you know'

54. something that’s worrying me at the moment
oh god just my entire life okay everything is a diaster

Anonymous asked: 36 & 38

36: Talk about your guilty pleasures.
sometimes I need to listen to bad pop music and dance around my room. I also really like the blue flavor of gatorade and cheese fries / other shitty food that I shouldn’t love ( crazy bread/mcnuggets, anyone ???! )

38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
well bob dylan in general makes me think about my dad. as well as certain bruce springsteen and grateful dead songs (I’m named after one of their songs). death cab reminds me of home. I have multiple playlists that were made with a certain person in mind ( both happy ones and sad ones, mind you ! )
'somewhere over the rainbow' makes me think about my grandad because it was played at his funeral, so that's always a hard song for me.

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wine makes everything better: a true story

I feel cute today and I want attention / cuddles / kisses. at least I have wine to fill the void. until I finish the bottle, at least.


tell me sweet things and kiss my nose

but then fuck me like a ragdoll

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?????? day followed by okay day by followed by weird but intense outburst of tears resulting in a 10:34pm cooking of hashbrowns in my kitchen.


L’amour en fuite, 1979 (dir. François Truffaut)

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