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friday, 4/18

collection of photos from the past 24 hours. post finals draaaanks with friends last night in which most of us became trainwrecks ( impressed by my composure in pics tho ). woke up and struggled to leave this comf bed only to realize it’s santa-con. fuck this.

feelin’ good wearing a winning combo of fred perry and really cute underwear.

I’ve actually had a lot of fun over the past few days ( wine on rooftops straight from bottles, brie + apples + bread, tea cup rides at coney island, hot dawgs, vegan donuts and free mimosas, and so on oh god I sound so ~hip~ ) and I managed to not feel like a complete idiot in social situations so yay go me

now I’m going to attempt a venture to trader joes and then do laundry and relax. I just want someone to listen to music and drink the rest of my wine with.

have done / to do:

- bought new bra !!!
- buy a fan
- half-cleaned room ( good enough )
- spent 20 minutes dancing around room instead of cleaning
- write proper grocery list that does not consist entirely of ‘fruit and chocolate’
- got side tracked and wound up reading a list of ‘25 weirdest sex positions’
- wonder how those positions can actually be enjoyable
- try to resist ordering things off etsy
- wash hair. maybe. ( maybe )
- buy bottle of whiskey, because you deserve it
- but do not get drunk and send texts you will regret


after lots of time and sweat (mostly sweat) I’ve finally unpacked !!! now I feel much more settled in and like this is my place (╯≧∇≦)╯*:・゚✧

oh man. today I have:

- lugged suitecases up multiple flights of stairs (nearly dying in the process)
- figured out how to ride the mta buses because I’m an adult now (they’re harder than you think okay)
- handled getting my mattress all by myself at ikea
- sweated my ass off in this heat
- ate cheese fries because I’m worth it
- unpacked the first round of my things !!!
- waited with mary for my mattress, which came at 11:30pm

now I’m going to start re-watching mad men and have some snacks and enjoy my first night in my new apartment (◕‿◕✿)



figure 1. badass bitchez
shh I’m posting the same photo on fb and tumblr shh
bham/break so far has been weird and idk how i feel about it but i am glad cass n aria are back and we are fiercer than ever~

ps. last night the world was suppose to end so sofia and I sat in the bathroom for 45 minutes talking about boys

in the studios for six hours today. four models. luv life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also it’s december so time to spread some holiday cheer.

(yasmina is the best.)

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