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photography major living in brooklyn. originally from the pacific northwest.
audrey horne is my role model.

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things to remember, march 5th

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I want to see the wind rises and the lego movie and eat really warm food ( poutine, mexican food, curry, soup mmmmm ) and go shopping and get drinks with friends and have sex and spend a day in watching the food network and not be sad or stressed or worried for like one fucking day

thoughts from the shower feb 26th

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today I bought high waisted pants and they make my waist and buns look bangin’

it’s a snow day and I’m laying in bed with my boyfriend while he naps and I go on my computer and I’m just so very content ( ∪‿∪ ✿)

feel rather beaten and defeated by life right now and could seriously use some love and affection.

blehhh. do you ever just have a night where you just kind of feel shitty for no real explainable reason and then you’re around someone and you can’t say or explain anything right so of course things go badly and the next day you’re left feeling off and like you fucked everything up ????

yes hello.

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