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This Is My Goodbye

part one
part two

this was the hardest thing I’ve done, but the most rewarding.
now it’s time to let it out there, and stop holding it in.

time to get in the car and go.

it’s so nice out I’m cleaning my room and gettin’ rid of shit ! yesterday a friend helped me bind my two books and ahhhhhh so excited / nervous / happy. final crit tomorrow and I am strangely calm about it, sure that’ll go away in the morning. where did this semester even go ? ( lol, I know where )

I wanna wear blue jeans and white t-shirts with red sneakers and get in a car with my camera and gogogo can it be summer yet ???? ( one more week! )

things to remember, march 5th

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I want to see the wind rises and the lego movie and eat really warm food ( poutine, mexican food, curry, soup mmmmm ) and go shopping and get drinks with friends and have sex and spend a day in watching the food network and not be sad or stressed or worried for like one fucking day

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