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audrey horne is my role model.

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Anonymous asked: you are so brave for doing that project. it felt so raw and honest, I teared up looking at it. I wanted to say how strong you are and that I hope you get all the happiness you deserve. xx

oh jeez. thank you so very much, this warms my heart. all the feedback and support I’ve gotten these past few weeks means the world to me.

today wasn’t the greatest but this made it much better

tbh I kind of just want to have sex rn


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One Hundred and One Dalmatians - Walt Disney

What matters is this; Doctor, don’t travel alone.

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With her heart-shared face, swan-like neck, and the smoky-blue eyes of a Siamese cat, she was without doubt the most beautiful woman who has ever come my way. To my astonishment, she seemed completely oblivious of the devastating effect she had on every male in sight. –Gordfrey Winn

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