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audrey horne is my role model.

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womp merry christmas today was been p good I’m ready to be done with the family festivities ( broken out the whiskey ) I miss new york and a boi can it just be monday yet ???

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Anonymous asked: WHITE/GREY/BLACK :3

'white - 3 facts about my personality'
1. I’d say I’m pretty flexible when it comes to people but I have a definite line and if someone crosses it I’m done with them
2. my ideal day involves rain, food, video games, and movies/tv. and no pants.
3. most of the times I follow my instincts. sometimes it sucks but I’d say it’s gone pretty well.

'grey - 2 facts about my favorite things'
1. oh cuddling in bed is really nice
2. and I like food
yeah wow those two things would make me pretty damn content

'black - 1 fact about the person you like'
well they have this thing called a face which I like to look at. it’s chill.

new lipstick new lipstick new lipstick


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